Our mission is to ...

SSI Team

SSI Team

  • produce a product that we and our customers can be proud of
  • operate at all times in an honest, upright and fair manner
  • bring honor to our employees, our organization and to Him who makes it all possible


SSI Manufacturing was formed in 1988 as an expansion of an electronics repair service owned by Robert Monday known as Secret Service Musicians Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally, SSI built custom cabinets on a limited scale, but SSI has evolved into an OEM production facility utilizing computer design and automated CNC panel processing equipment to manufacture a wide array of products for the music and sound reinforcement industry.

Quality Statement

SSI Manufacturing pledges to provide its customers with consistent quality services and products. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our customers through improved efficiency, thus controlling costs while maintaining the highest quality. All of our employees are dedicated to producing and delivering only products conforming to the standards of the customer.

Customer Service

Second only to our commitment to quality, SSI is customer service driven. Our attention to customer service over the last twenty five years has established SSI as a trusted vendor with our customers. In an extremely competitive marketplace, we believe that our customer service has set us apart from our competitors.